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A recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that about 1% of people throughout the world are on the autism spectrum. That means that 1 out of every 68 kids has autism. Depending on where your child is on the autism spectrum, he or she may struggle socially, mentally, physically, or in other ways. Attending occupational therapy in Chipley, FL, can help your child get the help that he or she needs to handle day-to-day tasks that are important for your child’s development. Here are 5 of the skills that your child will learn while working with an occupational therapist (OT):

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are important to develop to help your child learn to write, cut with scissors, and perform other tasks with his or her hands. The OT will work to help improve your child’s body awareness through certain physical activities that can also improve his or her coordination. Puzzles or stringing beads on a necklace may seem like fun activities, but your child will develop his or her fine motor skills in the process.

Daily Living Skills

Skills that may be easy for one child, can be incredibly difficult for other children. Your OT will get to know your child and make a plan to help your child learn daily living skills that he or she may be struggling with. For some kids, they may need help with toilet training. For other kids, it may be brushing their teeth or other personal grooming habits. No matter what your child may need assistance with, your OT can work with you to help your child learn the skills need to take care of him or herself.

Social Skills

One of the most difficult things for many children with autism to develop is social skills. They struggle to make eye contact, interact with others, and develop relationships with their peers and adults. The OT uses play activities to practice interactions with your child. These activities will help your child develop relationships, engage in play, and express his or her emotions.

Perception Skills

The OT can also work with your child on perception problems. He or she will help your child identify different shapes, colors, sizes, and other things. This will create the building blocks for learning to read and write, so your child can find greater success in school in these areas.

Problem-Solving Skills

For many autistic children, they need structure to help them get through the day. If anything comes up that throws off their schedule, it can make them very difficult to handle. Your child’s OT will work with him or her to help them practice focusing on a task, learning to help him or herself, and delaying gratification. Working with your child on various play activities, the OT will help him or her learn how to solve problems on their own when anything comes up that may throw the day’s plans out of whack.

Talk to your child’s doctor and teachers about how occupational therapy in Chipley, FL, can be beneficial. They may have recommendations for someone that would be a great fit to work with your child. Once you’ve chosen the occupational therapist that you would like to work with, you can schedule a time to meet so he or she can get to know your child. This will allow the OT to understand your child’s needs and what can be done to help your child reach his or her personal goals. As your child works to reach these goals, you’ll find that he or she will gain the skills needed to care for him or herself.

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